A Detox Facial for Smoke and Fire Exposure

Preposterous unpredictable times! Life feels a bit chaotic and out of balance, for sure. The recent fires in Oregon have been devastating to so many. The tragedy of lost homes is unbelievable and the tragedy of lost lives is incomprehensible. The events seemed to come out of nowhere and fast.

Our clients may be taking some time to assess the next steps, but when they are ready to return to your spa or salon, they may need a detoxing facial due to the effects of smoke exposure. Not smoking. We all know that smoking can cause premature aging, inhaling toxins into the lungs and depriving the skin of oxygen. Environmental smoke may carry some of the same risk of damage to the skin as cigarette smoke, according to Dr. Chris Adigun, dermatologist in North Carolina.[1]

Smoke can penetrate the skin through absorption in hair follicles. Smoke contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PAH’s. This causes oxidative stress, increased wrinkling and pigmentation, collagen degradation and skin dryness. Repeated contact can cause skin irritation and erythema.[2] Smoke containing microscopic ash particles can settle in pores causing congestion and increased acne breakouts. It can also worsen eczema.

A detoxifying facial can help your client get their glow back. It should include the use of an AHA or BHA cleanser to remove microscopic stubborn sticky smoke residue. A BHA cleanser is preferred for its lipophilic properties. Consider using the Skin Spatula for cleansing. The ultrasonic oscillations can remove debris from deep in the follicles. Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, for example, work to reverse the oxidative damage to the cells. A Vitamin A application can help build collagen. A charcoal mask will help with the detoxification process. Hydrating moisturizers will help reinfuse the skin with moisture. A hydrojelly mask with phyto-nutrients can add additional support to damaged skin. LED light therapy in the red or infrared range will help with healing and building collagen as well. Finish with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Home skincare with antioxidants and SPF are needed to continue the skin’s repair.

You can use your expertise to help your clients who have skin that has been exposed to fire and smoke. Consider adding a special Smoke Detox Facial to your spa menu this fall.

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