Becoming the Biz That Responds to Change

Updated: May 31, 2020

We're entering into a new era in the beauty industry and in esthetics. Your ability to survive will be your ability to be flexible and innovative. You can bemoan the expense and inconvenience that the new COVID-19 infection control guidelines are requiring. I get it. Some of it seems excessive and unreasonable. State guidelines are going to stay in effect for public safety and the perception of public safety. We will have to adjust our treatment protocols, our scheduling and our staffing and our prices. When COVID-19 is better understood and a vaccine is available, restrictions may be adapted. Get ready for the new normal.

Your business model that included revenue from drop-in clients and retail is going to be less. Can you display product in vinyl or plastic sanitizable packaging? Can you have single size samples prepackaged for your client's appointment with your recommendations for use?

Strengthen your customer service policies. Enforce your no-show policy. Each service is going to require additional sanitation efforts and expense. You can't afford the time loss and the supply expense without compensation for those clients who don't respect you enough to cancel their appointments without notice.

Up your marketing and promotions via social media. Can you create new systems to capture revenue for those impulse buys? Have you added the ability to purchase directly from your IG or Facebook page?

Consider an old fashioned postcard or newsletter campaign with exclusive specials, free shipping, BOGO, etc.

Working smarter, not harder is your goal.

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