Fearless Beauties Podcast Launching Soon!

We can not let this time of renewed social consciousness fade. This is the TIME for change in our country...and that includes change in the beauty industry. Its time that Fearless Beauties' continues to fulfill its mission to highlight entrepreneurs of color to gain their insights into success and also learn how the beauty industry, specifically, the skincare industry, can better serve POC.

Fearless Beauties spoke at over eight locations in the country in 2019 and the COVID-19 situation prevents us from meeting our speaking engagement obligations in 2020. We were excited to be contacted about starting a podcast as a way to fulfill our mission in 2020.

Our first podcast will be launching soon! We are looking forward to listening to the stories of success from Black estheticians and other entrepreneurs of color. The claim that ‘everyone is beautiful’ is professed loudly and frequently by beauty, cosmetic and skincare brands, however that claim needs to be validated by making services, treatments, and products available to all ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds.

The American beauty agenda has marginalized entire populations of our society by ignoring them, considering them as less-than, or pushing them to embrace Eurocentric beauty ideals. The aesthetics industry can do better. By developing aesthetic education that provides accurate, effective, and representative information on caring for skin of color, we are not just broadening education, we are doing the right thing.

Fearless Beauties has three missions:

To change the aesthetic education in our country by developing curricula that are inclusive of all ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

To highlight entrepreneurs of color, on social media and at events, in order to increase their visibility and share their insights into how the industry can better serve POC and to celebrate their successes

To become an influencer, so that our presence moves the needle toward equality in the field of aesthetics.

PS: If you'd like to be featured as a guest on our podcast, reach out to me at

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