How You Can Afford to Reopen

Are you excited to reopen but shocked at the price of compliance? Is your local supply store out of barbicide or cavicide? Non-sterile gloves as scarce as a winning lottery ticket? I've found some resources to help you save a little money and better prepare you for reopening under the new COVID-19 operating guidelines. Click on the link below to see the Oregon guidelines.

Oregon Phase One Reopening Guidelines
Download PD • 190KB

The price of disinfectant has skyrocketed on Amazon and face masks that were priced at less than a dollar apiece are now three to five times that price and delivery expectations are six to eight weeks away.

Consider looking into other industries and businesses that share similar sanitation guidelines and look at their resources. For example, I found the website,, which offers supplies to industrial, restaurant and manufacturing businesses. Disposable tyvek aprons were a little more than $1 each, 100 for $105.51. Consider them for disposable gloves also. You'll save about a third of the price of other vendors I've found.

Universal Companies, a spa and beauty supply company in Virginia has COVID-19 effective disinfectant by the gallon or in a wipe form for very reasonable costs as well as FREE continuing education on Infection Control, COVID-19 and New Sanitation Expectations and How to Rework Your Spa Menu to Accommodate COVID-19 Restrictions.

UPrinting, a small printing company in California, has protective face shields for $4 to $6 depending on the quantity you order.

New Egg,, has some digital thermometers for reasonable prices and good ratings, as well as masks and disposable gloves.

Have you reevaluated the cost of reopening? Additional expenses in PPE supplies and less clients per day as you limit drop-ins and spend time sanitizing between clients means you need to factor those costs into your business plan and raise your prices. Your clients will definitely understand.

We're looking forward to reconnecting with our passion, helping our clients have healthy skin. Lets get stocked up and prepared. Our clients need us but will be looking for assurances that we can keep them safe and healthy when they return.

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