Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We’re living in the most unique time. The world has collectively agreed to stop. This can have a catastrophic ending for your business. If you let it.


This is the time when esthetic and other beauty professionals need to dig down deep and LOVE your business. We have worked HARD to create a business that we love and we have worked HARD to develop relationships with our clients that are loyal and loving. We have worked HARD to find the products and treatments that serve our clients in the best way and that we can fully support. You love your business. You have a relationship and an identity with your business. You fight to make it work.


If you are able to go to your business now, this is a great time to get things sanitized, reorganized and refreshed for your clients. This is the time to get rid of what’s broken, stained, or sitting in the corner because its not in use.

If you aren’t able to go to your business right now, you can still work on your business.This is the time to revamp your service menu. Take off what you don’t like to do or what wasn’t bringing a good return on your investment. And, increase your prices. Get a social media calendar rolling, revamp your website, imagine and plan for your open house when you return to business. Build your mailing list.


This is also a great time to dream a little. Envision your success. What do you want your business to look like when you reopen? Do what you can to make that happen now. Do you need to restructure your hours? Do you need to be open different days? This might be a time to purge your mailing list and lose those negative clients that drain you.

Investigate EVERY opportunity for grants and loans. The federal government has some but towns, counties and other organizations are offering resources as well. Negotiate with your lenders for payment options or deferrals. Be proactive.

We need to reach out and find ways to sustain our business through this crisis. Our clients will come back. When this is over, they will need us. We do more than make them look good. We make them feel good. We provide a sounding board for helping them sort out relationships with spouses and kids and bosses and friends and family. We listen to intimate details about their marriages. We cheer them on with job opportunities and console them when they are struggling. We celebrate their successes and we mourn their losses. The world needs us. We’ll be back. Hang in there. You are strong and resourceful. #estheticianmentor #estheticiansupport #skincareexpert #COVID19skincare #coronavirusbusiness

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