Many employers are reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by minimizing personal contact when possible. Screening interviews are an example of an activity that previously was thought to have to happen live, but this pandemic has created some out-of-the-box options for HR managers, office managers and business owners. For skincare professionals who have been out of work and concerned about the wisdom of their career choice, an interview is a critical event that needs some preparation. You are going to have a few split seconds to make an impression when you are admitted into the ‘conference’ from the ‘waiting room.’ Let’s review some important steps to make sure you are delivering your strongest presentation.

1. Lighting: Lighting in these situations can be dim. A ring light placed at an angle behind you can help.

2. Audio: Sound quality can vary, depending on the microphone in your laptop and the program being used during the interview.

3. Visual in the Frame: Where you appear in the frame, how much of your body can be seen, distance makes a difference in the perception of how engaged you are. Dress professionally, as if you were going to be interviewed in person.

4. Background: Your potential employer is going to be getting a peek into your personal life so having a tidy background is important. Selecting a virtual backdrop is risky. I’ve seen these backgrounds fail in some humorous ways, the person’s body disappears into the background and they become a floating head.

5. Personality: It’s hard to have your personal vibe transfer across the screen. You are going to have to bring a higher level of energy to the meeting. Your body language is going to be evaluated virtually so your movements, facial expressions, hand gestures and engagement need to be spot-on.

6. Resume: You need to communicate your passion and skillset so have your resume on hand along with some personal anecdotes to back up your strengths.

7. Research: We are in troubling times. Be prepared to ask questions about how the company is handling the COVID-19 crisis as well as their position on social justice issues along with the traditional questions about the company’s culture and policies.

Consider a practice run with a friend or family member so you can perfect the lighting and maximize the audio. Get feedback on the background and make notes about where you should seat yourself in the frame.

As salons, spas and clinics reopen, consumers are eager for a return to normal, an opportunity to restore their skin to health, treat new conditions, like maskne, and get skincare treatments to provide stress relief. Professional skincare is more than treating the skin itself. We provide mental health support as our clients manage the litany of stressors in their personal lives; pandemic anxiety, worries about work, a spouse and significant other, children, siblings, and friends, concerns about finances, health, and national and international events, including natural disasters and politics. In the reopening phases the job market has become more fluid. Positions are open as some skincare professionals have reevaluated their commitments and opted not to return to work as well as a need for new positions as consumer demand increases. Whether you are a seasoned skincare professional interested in moving up into a new position or a newbie, getting your first job, be confident that you can present your ‘best self’ in a virtual interview.

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