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Through the years, I've found companies that share my values and have served me well. I've built trusted relationships with people within these companies. I want you to avoid some of the mistakes I made in the beginning by being too eager to buy or not educated enough to ask the right questions. Here are a few of my favorites. Check them out. They might be the right fit for you and your business.  Sometimes you need a helping hand or a word of encouragement to keep focused and move forward. 

  • Liability Insurance


    I've been with Longview Insurance for close to 30 years. They have literally saved me $$$$! My first year in Oregon, I switched insurance companies, not realizing they could insure me. I switched back and saved over $4000 for identical coverage. Talk to Linda or Wendi. 

  • Aesthetic Equipment


    I've probably spent close to a million dollars on aesthetic equipment! Crazy, right? New lasers are expensive. Extended warranties are expensive. Sentient Lasers is flipping the industry by offering quality refurbished devices, reset to manufacturer's settings, with warranties for affordable prices. Maintenance and training included. This is perfect for the esty entrepreneur who doesn't have the big bucks or the big line of credit. Don't get charmed into buying more than you need. Check out Saskia at Sentient. She is ethical and wants to help you build your business.

  • Business Coach & Consultant

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    Starting out is going to be harder than you think. Getting the business details right will help you. Richard Merrill's Complete Spa Business Regimen is a self paced business support system. Its affordable. Support is available. Its the most comprehensive program I've found. A one hour free consultation is included. Do it. Reach out to Richard and you'll find a great partner, who's rooting for your success. 

  • Esty Support

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    ASCP is an incredible resource for education, basic liability insurance, support, product knowledge and more. the annual fee is ridiculously affordable. The discounts with partner vendors is incredible. Stay informed with ASCP.

  • Digital Media Services

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    Getting your brand launched can be overwhelming. A picture is worth 1000 words and Electric Beauty can capture your story with images that can't be duplicated via a stock photo. An investment into professional images and website will set you apart from the rest. Schedule a consultation with Electric Beauty and bring your business to the next level.

  • Oncology Esthetics

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    Oncology esthetics is finally getting recognition asits own niche in the esthetics field. Whether you choose to specialize in this area of skincare or not, you will encounter a client undergoing cancer treatment at some point in your career. Being able to effectively treat them, with dignity and compassion, is essential. Morag Currin is the international leader in this field and her online program is comprehensive and will give you the tools to care for your clients with skin that has been affected by cancer treatments. 

  • Esty Resource


    Barry and Jen from Lipgloss and Aftershave have created a community of support for brand awareness, trending treatments, industry tips and insider secrets. They are a great resource for inspiration as you build your business

  • Podcast

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    The Fearless Beauties podcast is determined to change the beauty industry one listener at a time by confronting the inequality and injustice that exists. We're tackling hard issues and working to elevate entrepreneurs of color. Check us out, and give us 5 stars. 

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